Movie Monday: Electrick Children (2012)

I love watching movies – not only for entertainment, but also as a source for artistic inspiration in life. I’m also curious about the various ways in which people live and respond to (hypothetical) situations.

Electrick Children (2012)



Electrick Children is a coming-of-age tale with a splash of reverie. Julia Garner, Rory Culkin and Liam Aiken are wonderful young actors who capture different parts of the awkward, tumultuous time we know as adolescence. What arguably makes the film is the stark contrast between urban, skateboard culture and Mormonism. By comparing such different worlds, viewers are inevitably drawn to both. Electrick Children is refreshing, hopeful and strangely invigorating.

Check out the trailer below:

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You’re special.
Otherwise I wouldn’t like you so much.
I can’t explain it.
But you are so cool.
You are so sweet.
You are so cute.
You are…you.
You’re special.
I appreciate that you don’t feel the need to talk all the time.
You appreciate silence.
You appreciate thinking.
You work hard.
You wish you could play harder :)
I wish we could hang out.
I wish we could just chill.
I wish we could take trips together
And listen to music
And just be
Doesn’t that sound nice?
How unfortunate that you’ve never even thought about this!
I think we could be friends.
I think we could be good friends.
I wish you thought the same…


Thoughtful Thursdays.

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** I’m late posting, I know. :) **

1. I’m obsessed with Starfucker, so they get the number one spot for their single “While I’m Alive”. 

2. I recently saw Celeste and Jesse Forever and the soundtrack was dope. Here’s one of my faves: 

3. If you know anything about Dubstep, then you’ve probably heard of Skrillex. I was first introduced to him by my brother, who actually just wanted me to see the music video – it’s crazy and so is the track. 

*Must also give a loving link to “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites *

4. I’ve loved Norwegian duo Röyksopp ever since I heard “Remind Me”, but my love has since transformed into obsession after hearing this remix (by Protohype + Carnage) of “Running to the Sea” (ft. Susanne Sundfør)… 

5. Recently, I’ve been working on getting to more live shows. I found out that Cherub will be playing near me soon. I also found out that I’m obsessed with their single, “Doses and Mimosas”. 

6. Gotta love me some Bassnectar – “808 Track” is one of my all timers. 

7. Did you ever see the incredibly violent, yet oddly mesmerizing movie with Ryan Gosling called Drive? If so, do you remember the ethereal theme song playing at the end of the movie? Either way, you need to give it (another) listen. “Real Human Being” by College. 

8. Because I’m way into Dubstep (or is it technically “Electronic Dance Music”…?) Whatever. I’ve been doing a ton of YouTubing. Here’s “Evil Gameboy” by Virtual Riot

9. This one’s for my little bro, Joel. We all have songs that makes us feel alive – this one is that for him. (Plus Anthony Gonzalez is so fly…) “Midnight City” by M83


10. This list would not be complete without a little bit of Flux… “Got 2 Know” by Flux Pavillion + Dr. P 

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serendipitous saturdays :)

today, you may find love.


you may just travel to an exotic, far-off land…


or you could get a cool tattoo.


you may just watch a movie!


or maybe you could read a book…


how about a hot, glazed donut?


or maybe you could crawl on a bed.

cuddle up.

and fall asleep…


in any case, enjoy your Saturday :)

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Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person; having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but to pour them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

-George Eliot

Oh, the comfort…

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None But Thee – Young Oceans

Jesus, mighty King of Heaven
Thou O Lord our guide shall be
Thy commission we rely on
We will follow none but Thee

As an emblem of Thy passion
And Thy victory o’er the grave
We who know Thy great salvation
Are baptized now beneath the wave

Fall on us O Holy Lord
Our hearts Oh King are only Yours
By your grace we live, and we
Will follow none but Thee
Will follow none but Thee

Fearless of the worlds despising
We the ancient path pursue
Buried with our Lord and rising
To a life divinely new

Sin shall never be our master
Captives of Thy blessed grace
Offering our lives hereafter
We resolve to seek Thy face

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National Prayer Breakfast 2013 – Dr. Ben Carson

This speech is well worth watching – wonderfully crafted, funny, and refreshingly honest.

A bit about Dr. Ben Carson:
-Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital
-Separated the first conjoined twins at the head
-Overcame his extreme circumstances in his youth, attending Yale University for his undergrad degree

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On A Ship. (A Moment)


Miles and miles around–as far as the eye can see–there is nothing but blue and white. I always read in books about the marriage between the sky and the sea, but I never understood how it looked until now, for I cannot differentiate between the two spheres. They kiss on a foggy horizon where both fade into a grayish blue.

(*I had an idea long ago to record moments of my favorite places and activities. I am starting this “series” off solo, but eventually would love to feature other people’s moments as well. I think it is a fun way of seeing things from another person’s unique perspective!)

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For the INFJ.

Isn’t it funny?

We’re all born with this longing to be special and to do something awesome – so we spend a ton of time wishing, dreaming, and hoping.

Yes, we spend. We spend a lot…it’s too expensive.

Time to start budgeting our time – my time – better.

It’ll be a work in progress. It won’t happen over night.

But I believe it is a worthwhile cause, because hopefully, we will end up being thankful enough for this life and this body to make the most of it.

One day, we will not have any of this. We will only have a legacy.

Time to budget. Time to live now. Time to love ourselves so that we can love others.

And hey, you never know: in the process of all of that mess, we might discover that we’ve left a beautiful disaster – of lessons learned, heartache, forgiveness, and joy.

And ultimately, my hope for you and me (the INFJ’s of this world), is to understand that we are fearfully and wonderfully made – crafted uniquely to serve in this world until our awesome Maker calls each one of us home.

[**If you’ve stumbled across this entry and you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the deets here. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about your personality type, take the Meyers-Briggs personality test here.]

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A letter.


Dear 2013,

I’m not praying that you will be wonderful and I’m not hoping that you will be better than 2012.

I am expecting it.

I am choosing better.

I am choosing wonderful.

There is no other option.

I don’t doubt that trials will come. They may be more tumultuous than ever before – but you know what that means, right? The victory, once it comes, will be all the sweeter and all the more triumphant.

Yes, 2013, come with bells and whistles.

I look forward to living life in you.

Much love,


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