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The Ocean, My Lover

I can’t forget that night.
It’s hard to let it go.
Bathing in the moonlit tide,
Freely did I float.
But waves forced me onto rocks,
Cuts and gashes gushed forth blood.
I didn’t notice till the morn,
My body told me of my scorn.
And how the seagulls sang their song!
Cruelly mocking on and on!
As I baked under the sun,
Lamentation all day long.
No going back, no taking back
The night that I made love,
With the ocean, a wild lover,
Whose touch is oh so rough.
But I can’t forget that night.
I cannot let it go.
Bathing in the moonlit tide,
Freely did I float.

So happy.

To write about how I feel is a nuisance and it is unnecessarily repetitive.

Instead I will write about the warmth of the breeze slipping through my open car window.

I will express thanks to God for the clouds and the trees that provide relief from a hot sun.

I will smile slightly at the distant chatter of children coming from the park across the street.

And I will be happy – so happy – to realize that I am blessed to witness these things at all.

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You’re special.

Otherwise I wouldn’t like you so much.

I can’t explain it,

But you are so cool.

You are so sweet.

You are so cute.

You are…you…

You’re special.

I appreciate that you don’t feel the need to talk all the time.

You appreciate silence.

You appreciate thinking.

You work hard.

You wish you could play harder :)

I wish we could hang out.

I wish we could just chill.

I wish we could take trips together,

And listen to music,

And just be


Doesn’t that sound nice?

How unfortunate that you’ve never even thought about this!

I think we could be friends.

I think we could be good friends.

I wish you thought the same…


You’re special.

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Yes, precious:
A boy with unbridled imagination.
With what wide eyes you see the world!
With what kindness you look through those eyes!
Adorable, yet brave.
I’m not sure that I’ve ever met an adorable warrior before
…but you are that.
Precious you,
I’m glad you’re in this world.


Precious.Yes, …

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